We are recruiting design staff

We have worked on architectural and interior designs for homes, medical facilities, offices, commercial facilities, etc. all over the country.
Recently, we have been receiving inquiries from overseas as well.

Established privately in 2000 as a first-class architect office. We steadily expanded our business and became a stock company in 2016.
Because the representative is not from an atelier office but a company employee, the staff can serve for a long time.
We have been operating our company with an eye toward creating a comfortable work environment.

The way we work at our company is to have each individual in charge of a single project.
In addition to design work, we also provide structural designers, equipment designers, lighting planners, landscape architects, graphic designers, interior coordinators, etc.
Through collaboration with external brains from various fields, you will acquire the skills of a project leader while learning diverse perspectives.

Most of our work is requested directly from our website.
We are blessed with clients who look at our track record in advance and then entrust us with creative decisions.
You can enjoy proposal-type work that aims to reach a high goal.
We have always tried new things after careful consideration.
As a result, the scale of the project has grown year by year, the number of awards and media coverage has increased, and I feel that this has led to an increase in recognition.

The Osaka office is 3 minutes from Honmachi Station on the Yotsubashi Line. Taking advantage of the environment where you can see the trees from the wide open windows in the park,
We employ free-addressing so that you can change your location every day and work with a fresh mindset.

We are looking for people who can join us as we continue to take on new challenges while keeping an eye on the generational shift.


Recruitment information

Recruitment details
Design staff: a few
Business content
Architectural design Interior design
Work location
3F Higashishin Building, 1-7-12 Awaza, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Working hours
9:30~18:30(1 hour break)
Start of work
Application conditions
Applicants with 3 years or more of work experience at a design office, etc. are welcome. 1 to 2 years is possible.
Negotiable for new graduates
There is a preferential treatment system for qualified architects.
JW-cad or learn
We are planning to introduce BIM, so those with BIM experience are welcome.
sketchUp Lumion Experienced people welcome
Illustrator Photoshop Experience welcome
The person you are looking for
・I like architecture and can sympathize with our design track record.
・Able to face work honestly and humbly
・Values ​​communication and is cooperative
・Able to use failures as lessons to improve
・Aim to work for a long time and become a future director candidate for our company
・Or have a desire to become independent in the future
・Or someone with experience in medical facility design etc. can cooperate as an external staff member.
Employment status
Full-time employee (3 months trial period)
Contract employee (3 months trial period, possible promotion to full-time employee in the future)
In addition to employment as employees, outsourcing contracts for 3 days or more a week are also possible.
Reduced working hours (for those raising children, etc.), part-time work (negotiable)
Preferential treatment depending on years of experience and qualifications (e.g. 200,000 yen for new university graduates)
Qualification allowance Position allowance
Salary increases are basically once a year.
Bonuses are paid twice a year (based on performance)
Full five-day work week, summer and winter holidays, paid holidays, various special holidays
Complete with social insurance and annual health checkup

Currently recruiting is not done